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The Firm

The Firm dates of 1902, when Mr. Francisco Pérez de la Cruz opened his law offices in Malaga. He chaired the Malaga Bar Association between 1928 and 1932. The Firm’s initial focus on Private Law (contracts, real estate, family relations and inheritance) was continued by Antonio Pérez de la Cruz González, who chaired the Malaga Province Administration.

In 1980 Antonio Pérez de la Cruz Blanco (1943-2009), Chaired Professor of Commercial Law, became the managing partner after his stay at the prestigious law firm Uría & Menéndez, of which he was one of the founding partners. The Firm opened its Madrid office, where it moved its principal place of business, and widened its projection to other legal fields related to Business Law. Prof. Antonio Pérez de la Cruz Blanco, was also Rector of the University of Malaga.

In 2009, Jesús Pérez de la Cruz Oña took charge of the Firm and within the same year J. Ignacio Trillo Garrigues joined the firm as partner.  J. Ignacio Trillo Garrigues, an expert in Banking Law descends from a family with an ample legal tradition among whose distinct members we may find Prof. Dr. D. Joaquín Garrigues.

In 2012 the Firm changed its corporate name to the present one: